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Register description for Firma CV database in accordance with Data Protection Act (523/99) 10 §

  1. Holder of register
    Fujitsu Finland Oy
    Valimotie 16, PL 100
    00012 FUJITSU
    Tel. +358 (0)2 930 2302
  2. Person in charge of data on register
    Heidi Hietala
    Fujitsu Finland Oy
    Valimotie 16, PL 100
    00012 FUJITSU
    Tel. +358 (0)2 930 2302
    GSM. +358 (0)40 920 1290
  3. Name of register
    Firma CV database.
  4. Purpose of processing personal data
    Data on the CV database will be used in Firma's own electronic recruiting. Persons agree to provide the Firma CV database with their data. (Data Protection Act, 8§.)
  5. Data contents of register
    Data processed onto the register is taken from each job application. Details provided by the applicant about her/himself are recorded on the register. The applicant can update the information on their application by using their password. An application will be kept on file for six months from the date of application or from the time of the last update.
  6. Statutory sources of information
    Sources of information, apart from the applicant, are possible referees provided by the applicant, or Firma members of staff involved in the selection process.
  7. Statutory release of data, including transfer of data outside the EU or the EEC
    The CV database operates on the Internet, and recorded data are restricted to use solely by Firma. Data are not released to outsiders without the consent of the applicant.
  8. Principles of register security and internal use
    Rights to use the CV database are restricted to Firma members of staff involved in recruitment and selection.
    The service provider (LAURA Rekrytointi Ltd) is responsible for technical protection and data protection of recorded data.
  9. Right of access
    A person has right of access to data held about her/himself on the register, according to the Personal Data Act, 26§. This right of access is implemented in accordance with the Personal Data Act, 28§.